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How it Works

We understand that this is the first time most of our clients have worked with a residential architect and there might be some questions. Below we've laid out a step-by-step guide to the design process from initial consultation, all the way to move-in so you know exactly what to expect.

 Initial Consultation 


The purpose of this meeting is to assess whether you and your project are a good match for our team. During this meeting we will sit down with you and talk through your goals, budget, timeframe, design inspiration, and what you consider to be the most significant aspects of your project.

 How to Prepare 

Prior to the initial meeting we recommend clients prepare by:

  • Having ideas and examples ready to go

    • Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram are excellent resources​

  • Be upfront and honest about your budget

  • Have questions ready for us

 Questions to Ask Us 

  • Who in the at the firm will I be working with?

  • Client expectations?

  • How long do we expect each step of the process to take?

  • Do we foresee any possible problems with the project and how do we plan to overcome them?

  • What kinds of energy-efficient/green building design options are available?

  • Feel free to ask us about our past projects!


 Design Phase 

During the design phase we take what we learned from our initial consultation, along with frequent communication with you, to begin to create the home of your dreams.

 Schematic Design 

  • During this phase we being to design the fundamental shape of the building by developing floor plans, site plans, and building elevations.

  • This will provide you a detailed description of the home’s structural, mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems, as well as a general idea of the interior layout.

  • We expect a lot of back-and-forth communication between you, the client, and our design team during this step in order to ensure all your structural expectations and goals are met.

  • At the end of this phase, you'll get a schematic design package with multiple comprehensive drawings for your home plan, elevations, and other details that the contractor will need in order to estimate your construction costs.

 Design Development 

  • We produce and provide CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) drawings, sketches, and 3D renderings to further illustrate the concept to you.

  • By the end of this stage the interior layout will be completed and the dimensions of all spaces will be finalized

In order to acquire necessary building permits, the plans are submitted to the city/jurisdiction for review and approval.

  • Your home finally begins to take shape!

  • During this phase we will periodically visit the jobsite to answer questions from the builder and make sure everything is going according to plan.

Now that the home is complete, we will bring in a professional photographer to capture the finished product.

That's it! And before you know it, you'll be living in your brand new, custom, dream home!




 Move In 


 Building Permit Drawings 




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